Cesium In My Blood

(Cesium Iblodet)
Sweden/Brazil, 2009, 70 min
Coproducer Zenildo Barreto

Special Achievement Award 2013

A scrap merchant in Goiania, a million-town in Brazil come upon a heavy metal box in a pulled down hospital. He was happy, because of its weight. What he did not know, was that he find a deadly dangerous machine who should kill his people. And contaminate thousands of innocent people in the town. He is fixing some help to get the machine home, and in the night start the work to cut it in pieces.

Then in the middle of it a blue star is shining. And vibrating! Like a star has fallen down! But it was a cobolt-canon from nearby hospital who have served to cure cancer but now was a killer. And the blue light was Cecium 137.

The merchant decorated his wife with it and gives his six years old daughter to eat on a bred. Some pieces was sold as far as Sao Paulo. Block after block of central town went radioactive and packed in barrels outside the town. The authority say that 482 similar cobolt-canons exist in Brazil, but where?

Around 5000 victims existing and a lot of military servants who helped to clean up the area was also contaminated.

And we filmed the accident and even years after to find out the vast consequenses of the first nuclear disaster in Brazil.