Chernobyl, A Natural History?

(Tchernobyl, Une histoire naturelle)
France, 2009, 90 min
Directed by Luc Riolon
Produced by Camera Lucida Productions, 

On April 26th 1986, reactor n°4 at the Lenin power station in Chernobyl went out of control, leading to the consequences we all know: radioactive fallouts contaminating huge pieces of land, the creation of a 30-km-radius exclusion zone around the power station. In this now forbidden zone, the wild fauna and flora were left to their fate. What happened to this wildlife, freed from human pressure but immersed in the Chernobyl radioactive "hell"? For scientists, the Chernobyl forbidden zone has become an openair laboratory, a tragically unforeseen but huge laboratory. This is a strange noman's land where geo-chemists, zoologists and radioecologists are making disconcerting discoveries.

“Chernobyl, a Natural History?” was selected by the Uranium Film Festival Jury as one of the eight best festival documentaries.