Italy, 2015 | 62 min | Documentary 
Director: Alessandro Tesei | Producer "Mondo in Cammino Productions"
Original Language: Russian and English | Subtitles: English and French

World Premiere

Synopsis: A documentary about the first and the worst ever nuclear incident, hidden and forgotten for decades.

Director's statement: "In the late '40, in Chelyabinskcregion, former Soviet Union, was builted an atomic complex called Mayak (Lighthouse). Since its first working period, Mayak was guilty of huge radioactive contamination and of three big incidents. First one was the high level radioactive waste discarged in Techa river from 1949 until 1952, following the big explosion on 1957 (AKA Kysthym 1957 incident) and the radioactive duststorm of 1967 from the lake Karachy. It was at least 20 times Chernobyl, hidden for over 50 years, with people used as guinea pigs. Undrstanding what happened there is important for know what nuclear is and what could happen in Fukushima. We, as humans, must know this situations." Alessandro Tesei