Atomic Alert (Nucléaire en Alerte)

France | 2009 | 87 min | Documentary
Director: Thomas Johnson | Producer: Hind Saïh
Original Language: English & French

Synopsis: Since the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters, we know that the risk zero does not exist. No country is safe of a nuclear accident. However,
the number of nuclear power plants is growing and the nuclear race is well underway. To manage a nuclear accident is now, facing the development of this energy in the world, a major concern of all governments, in particular of France, one of the most nuclearized countries of the planet. What measures should be taken in the event of another disaster? How would they be organized against a nuclear crisis on a health care, military, technological, economic, political and media level? What should we all know? Atomic Alert tells, through a thorough investigation conducted nationally and internationally, how governments are preparing to manage, especially since September 11 2009, a new nuclear disaster.

Awards : The European Science TV & New Media Awards 2010 - Best Presentation of Science and Technology behind an Environmental Issue.