Sardinia's Deadly Secret

(Sardiniens tödliches Geheimnis)
Germany, 2012, 30 min

Birth deformities and deaths in paradise: Sardinia is considered storybook island with beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water. What hardly anyone knows: NATO's largest military training area in Europe, "Poligono Interforze Sperimentale del Salto di Quirra" is located on the Mediterranean island . Around the restricted area in eastern Sardinia occur on many unusual deformities and diseases. Possible Cause: uranium munitions.

After the film:

"Military bases in Sardinia". Lecture & Discussion with Pitzente Bianco, cultural ambassador of Sardinia.

Pitzente Bianco ZDF supported the ZDF film team during the shooting of  "Sardiniens tödliches Geheimnis" support during the shooting of.Salto di Quirra is the largest NATO training area in Europe. "Who can afford the necessary rent, may undertake all kind of weapon tests, even companies."