Beating The Bomb

United Kingdom, 2010, 71 min, English
Directors and Producers: Meera Patel and Wolfgang Matt
Production: Maddmovies

A story about the biggest weapons of mass destruction ever created, the people who use them and, more importantly, the people who fight them. 'Beating the Bomb' charts the history of the British peace movement against the backdrop of the atomic age. The film also frames the nuclear weapons issue within the wider context of global justice.Beating the Bomb, United Kingdom, 2010, 71 min., contact:

"Beating the Bomb" was selected by the Uranium Film Festival Jury as one of the eight best documentaries of the festival.
Best documentary award, Red Rock Film Festival, Utah, USA


Beating the Bomb is a grassroots production and a labour of love project, made on a micro micro budget. It is an independent production in the truest sense of the word; everybody who worked on this film provided their time and talent for free, the end product would not have been possible without the help and cooperation of all the people involved. The film was borne out the frustration of two individuals with the current state of affairs; which we believe is endorsed and propagated by the Corporatised media. We consider the making of this film as an exercise in democracy. It is also a tribute to peace campaigners around the world and an attempt to mediate their spirit and commitment to the viewer and thus inspire and empower the audience. Power to the people!

Meera Patel and Wolfgang Matt