Jenny Pond

Jenny Pond is director and producer of the documentary POISON WIND. She has 10 years of professional experience in film and television production. Alongside co-producer and Navajo filmmaker Norman Patrick Brown. Jenny is currently co-producing THE RAINBOW BOY. It is an independent film being filmed on Navajo Nation and in the traditional language of the Diné people.

Jenny Pond tem 10 anos de experiência profissional em produção cinematográfica e televisiva. Com o co-produtor e cineasta Navajo Norman Patrick Brown ela está produzindo o documentário O menino do arco-íris. O filme está sendo filmado no território da Nação Navajo e na língua tradicional do povo Diné. 

USA, 2007, 37 min Director: Jenny Pond, produced by Norman Patrick Brown & Jenny Pond. Advisor: Manuel Pino, Recipient of the Nuclear Free The film tells the story of a corrupt government, unconscionable greed and a policy of destruction aimed at the Aboriginal Homelands of Indigenous People from the 1940's until today. It is a documentary about uranium mining and the devastating effect it has on the people, livestock, water and agriculture in the 4 Corners area of the US and the Grand Canyon. The path of POISON WIND has taken us to political and environmental activists within the Navajo Nation (Diné) and Pueblo People (Acoma and Laguna) of New Mexico, Western Shoshone, Hualapai and Havasupai where today many people suffer relentlessly from the effects of living near...