Christoph Boekel

Germany, 1986, 28 min, English subtitles Producer: Baum-Film/Cristoph Boekel An experimental film which tries to reflect upon the danger of inconceivability, using Hiroshima as a basis. This film does not resort to the use of the normally shown horrific scenes. Enola is an attempt to induce a process of learning, using unusual film methods.
(Verstrahlt und vergessen, Tschernobyl und die Folgen) Germany, 2006, 59 min, German/ Russian, English Subtitle Production: ARTE – WDR Brazilian Premiere April 26th 1986. The day a nightmare scenario became horrific reality: the day reactor block 4 of the Chernobyl atomic power station exploded. While researching and filming this project filmmaker Christoph Boekel met numerous victims of the atomic catastrophe. His own wife was one them and she, too, died of cancer. A moving film told from the personal perspective of the director, it is a requiem for the often forgotten victims of the disaster and a caveat against putting blind trust in technological advancement.