Balentes at World Peace Congress in Barcelona

October 2021 World Peace Congress in Barcelona with Documentaries about Depleted Uranium Weapons

In cooperation with the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) is organizing a film side event on “NATO bombing Yugoslavia with DU and testing on Sardinia with severe damage to the environment” at the IPB World Peace Congress in Barcelona, October 15-17, 2021.

Saturday, October 16 at 7:30 pm ICBUW presents in Barcelona two films about the use of depleted uranium weapons: “Uranium 238 – My story” by Miodrag Miljkovic (awarded with the yellow heart of the IUFF) which follows lawyer Sdran Aleksic in his efforts to come to the truth about the consequences of the bombing of Yugoslavia with depleted uranium who has just started legal proceedings against NATO on behalf of DU victims. And the feature documentary “Balentes - The Brave Ones” (top photo) by Lisa Camillo (awarded as best documentary at IUFF Berlin 2020). Balentes shows the environmental catastrophe done through NATO tests to the island of Sardinia and the struggle of the island’s people against it.


Serbia, 2018, directed by Miodrag Miljkovic, documentary, 22 min, English - Depleted uranium (DU) is obtained by processing mined uranium ore. Most of the radioactive isotopes extracted from the ore are used for nuclear weapons or atomic power plants. What remains is a less radioactive isotopeto 238, depleted uranium. It is almost two times denser than lead and flammable at impact, which makes it extremely effective when penetrating the armour.Miltary experts have in 1970s started to embed DU into the nozzles of conventional nuclear projectiles, granades and bullets. Every projectile contains about 350 grams of DU and that part of the projectile is called a “penetrator”. When a uranium “penetrator” hits a tank, the “penetrator” and the armour partially soften under the pressure. According to Pentagon’s literal description, a depleted uranium projectile goes through a tank like “a hot knife through butter”.  But only one particle of DU in the lymph glands could destroy the whole immune system, says doctor Rodger Coghill.

"The impressive short documentary film sheds light on the damage caused by the NATO bombing of former Yugoslavia with depleted uranium ammunition. While the military is well aware of the dangers of this weapon, civilian casualties are often inadequately helped. Depleted uranium weapons must be forbidden", says Professor Manfred Mohr, spokesman of ICBUW Germany.


Italy/Australia, 2018, Director Lisa Camillo, Documentary, 84 min, English - When Sardinian-Australian Lisa Camillo, an anthropologist and film director, returns to Sardinia she finds that large chunks of her homeland are devastated by mysterious bombs. On her journey she uncovers secret NATO bombing ranges. Tests with depleted uranium weapons have been having devastating consequences on the local human and animal population. Lisa joins the islanders’ fight to reclaim their land and livelihoods and, in doing so, she is learning about herself and her roots. “Balentes’ is a Sardinian word indicating ‘a man of valour’, who strives for social justice, defending the weak against the oppressors. Sardinians have always been a warrior people, a fact sometimes forgotten, combatting the many invaders landing on their shores over the ages  with courage and valour. Lisa Camillo is a passionate human rights driven filmmaker, anthropologist, presenter and writer. She has directed, produced and wrote award-winning documentaries and films that travelled across the world in several international film festivals.

„The film deals with a central, highly topical question of the international peace and environmental movement: environmental destruction through war and other military activities. This is done using the example of Sardinia, where this can be seen particularly clearly,“ justified Prof. Manfred Mohr for the Uranium Film Festival. Manfred Mohr: „The documentation impressively contrasts the wonderful landscape of the island with the terrible devastation on the military training areas and in their surroundings. One of the problems behind this, but not the only one, is the use of uranium or DU weapons. For years ICBUW is campaigning for a global ban of these weapons. In addition the film  impresses with its high level of professionalism, coupled with a great personal and political commitment in favour of the people affected and the tortured nature. BALENTES - THE BRAVE ONES does not stop at the description of the problem and the condition, but broadly and convincingly illustrates the revolt of the Sardinian population against it. A masterpiece worthy of an Uranium Film Festival Award in every aspect.“

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