7 Years Ago in New York City

Director Marcia Gomes in New York City - Uranium Film Festival


7 years ago: International Uranium Film Festival in Washington DC, Goethe Institute, February 10-12, 2014 and New York City, Brooklyn, The Pavilion Theater, February 14-19, 2014. (Photo: Uranium Film Festival director Márcia Gomes de Oliveira in New York)

„Each film, unique in style, perspective and motivation, focused on a different area affected by the nuclear fuel production cycle. The films confront viewers with the realization that we all share the same threat to humanity, the biosphere and the atmosphere. The documentaries impart a sense of responsibility for the negative heritage we are imparting to future generations. We are all equally subject to the ramifications of nuclear runoff", says Uranium Film Festival NYC Partner, Peace Boat US .

The Uranium Film Festival Team is grateful to the Heinrich Böll Foundation North America and the Goethe Institute Washington DC for supporting and hosting the festival in February 2014. We are also grateful to our partners and supporters in New York City, especially to Peace Boat US and to the owners of the Pavilion Theater, an historic Art Deco movie theater at Prospect Park inaugurated in 1928. 

In addition the Uranium Film Festival in NYC would not have been possible without the exceptional commitment and support from festival co-organizer Yuko Tonohira (an NYC illustrator and activist) and Cathey Falvo, member of the Physicians for Social Responsibility - New York City Chapter (PSR/NY). (Photo Yuko Tonohira (left) and a Peace Boat US volunteer at the freezing Pavilion Theater)

A Winter's Tale - It was really and exceptional strong winter & an exceptional Uranium Film Festival in DC and especially in New York. It was extremely freezing and heavily snowing and the heating in the historic pavilion theater was unfortunately out of service.

February is generally the snowiest month on the calendar for New York City, however 2014 was extreme. With 29 inches of snow accumulating in Central Park, it was the city’s second snowiest February on record. In terms of temperature, the Big Apple was unusually cold. Overall, New York City had 11 days where the high temperature did not get above freezing. These were the days of the Uranium Film Festival in Brooklyn. 

Nevertheless it was an unforgettable event with the participation of a wonderful audience and amazing filmmakers like Eve-Andrée Laramée (US), Bill Keisling (US), David Rothauser (US), Robert Richter (US), Robert E. Frye (US), Adam Jonas Horowitz (US), Shri Prakash (India), Pradeep Indulkar (India) and Walter Behr (Brazil). (Photo David Rothauser and Robert Frye)

Peace Boat US volunteer Rachel Clark who attended the Uranium Film Festival in Brooklyn reported: „Living in Metropolitan New York area, we often only see the threat of nuclear power plants to local residents, whose stances are from the viewpoint of both energy consumers and (potential) victims. At the Pavilion Theater, however, many audience members were shocked by the chaotic situation at the uranium production sites. Scenes depicting uranium mining workers in India and Africa working without any protective gear, bulldozers generating radioactive dusts and mounds of radioactive dirt in order to obtain just a handful of yellow cake—the extracted pure form of uranium— and radioactive toxic waste being dumped into rivers, ponds, and open air left a lasting impact.“


The Uranium Film Festival continues and welcomes any support. We are eager to return to New York City. Join us. We welcome any donation.

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