Caesium 137 – The Death Shine

(Césio 137 – O Brilho da Morte)
Brazil, 2003, 24 min
Director: Luiz Eduardo Jorge, Producer: Laura Pires

That Brazilian short film shows the events of a real live tragedy about the release of radioactive Caesium-137 into a populated area in 1987 in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. It was the worst radioactive accident in Latin America, which cost the lives of many people and the health of hundreds or possibly thousands of survivors.

15 years of pain, fear, panic and doubt. Discrimination, segregation and death of victims of one of the world's largest radiological accident, with irreversible damage to people and environment. The screenplay is based on testimonies of the victims.

About the Film

While the idea to store nuclear waste hundreds of meters below the ground in the caverns of Finland is based on stable geological situations, the radioactive waste of the Goiânia accident was simply stored in containers of steel in an open environment beside a road, like the audience award winning short film " Césio 137 – O Brilho da Morte" by director Luis Eduardo Jorge tells us.

The film shows the direct and indirect consequences of the contamination with the radioactive element cesium-137 and the lack of information and professionalism of those who should prevent those accidents and contaminations. The documentary rescues the true history and reports that were hidden by the mass media and state agencies.

João Luiz Leocadio
Nuclear Engineer and Professor of the Department of Cinema & Video of the Federal Fluminense University (UFF)