The Uranium Mountain

(Der Uranberg) 
Germany, 2010, 89 min, German

The world in 1947: The Cold War has begun. The nuclear arms race between USAmerica and Russia becomes a threat to mankind. The arms race is decided in the Ore Mountains. That is where the Soviets had the Germans mine uranium for the construction of their first atom bomb without any consideration for the actual costs. The repatriated prisoner of war and miner Kurt Meinel (Vinzenz Kiefer) falls in love with Lydia (Nadja Bobyleva), the daughter of the Russian Major Burski (Henry Hübchen) – a dangerous love affair. When they become involved in a mining disaster, their secret love is tried to the breaking point. Lydia's father has to decide between the life of his daughter and carrying out his orders: to mine uranium to preserve peace. Filled with suspense and emotional impact, the film DER URANBERG tells the story of human tragedy as part of an almost unknown chapter of German history which affected world politics.