The Nuclear Waste Ship History

(История ядерного судна)
Russia, 2003-2004, 18 min
Director: group of authors of Bellona-Murmansk, contact:

This film tells about the most dangerous ship in the Northern Europe called Lepse. The ship, which stores onboard tones of spent nuclear fuel, has become a grave illustration of the problems haunting the Russian nuclear fleet and the international efforts aimed at solving those problems. It will take Russia many more years to manage with nuclear and radiation problems, left due to nuclear heritage of the USSR and the Cold War.

Bellona-Murmansk is an environmental NGO, established in North-West Russia, in Murmansk. The work of the NGO is devoted to solving problems of nuclear and radiation safety, development of renewable sources of energy, climate change, safe oil and gas industry development. Experts of the organization make researches and publish reports, position papers.