The Return of Navajo Boy - Epilogue

USA, 2008, 15 min, English

A powerful new epilogue (produced in 2008) shows how the film and Groundswell Educational Films' outreach campaign create news and rally supporters including Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA). The Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform mandated a clean-up plan by the five agencies that are responsible for uranium contamination. Ironically, the US EPA's Comprehensive Five-Year Plan did not include Ms Begay's backyard, until she traveled with this film to Washington, DC and screened it on Capitol Hill in September, 2008. Together we are building a groundswell for environmental justice. Join Groundswell and Navajo Communities in this mission. We will continue filming and raising awareness until all Navajo communities impacted by more than one thousand abandoned uranium mines are cleaned up.

The Epilogue documents how one very determined grandmother, Elsie Mae Begay, travels with the film and continues to work with the filmmakers to launch a federal investigation into uranium contamination of Navajo dwellings and raise awareness about environmental health hazards in the Navajo Nation.