Laura Pires

Filmmaker Laura Pires is the widow of the director Roberto Pires, one of the founders of Cinema Novo in Brazil.

She was the producer two films of Roberto Pires, which became landmarks of Brazilian cinema on the nuclear issue: the filmNuclear Shelter (1981) and Cesium 137. The Nightmare of Goiânia (1987). With Roberto Pires she also produced a documentary about the accident with cesium-137 in Goiânia, Death Shine, together with Luiz Eduardo Jorge - the film won the price of the popular jury at Uranium Film Festival 2011.

Roberto Pires died of cancer in 2001, probably after being contaminated with radioactivity while shooting the film Cesium 137 in Goiania.

It is known that several cameramen and reporters in Goiania suffered from cancer and some have died due to coverage of the accident with cesium 137. Laura is a living testimony of this story. Now she returns to treat the nuclear issue in his new film, showing us what's happening where you are made to uranium mining in Brazil today.

(Caetité, Sofrimento Cinzento) Brazil, 2013, 35 min World Premiere The City of Caetité Bahia is the place of the second uranium mining in Brazil. What's going on today?