Seiji Arihara

In wartime Japan, an idealistic young doctor is sent to the countryside to run a TB hospital in the provincial town of Nagasaki. Dr. Akizuki forms close bonds with his patients and the community. Then, suddenly, the unimaginable happens. An atomic bomb is dropped, and the town and its people are devastated. Dr. Akizuki and his staff struggle courageously, without enough medicine or food, to help the sick and wounded. Dr. Akizuki learned that he was contaminated and struggle with his own radiation symptoms. Their spirit and dignity in the face of this unprecedented tragedy is the true story of how a community survived and was resurrected from the ashes of war.

Statement Hibakusha Brazil for Peace Association  (Associação Hibakusha Brasil Pela Paz)

The film Angelus bell was created in 2005, based on the true story of a doctor from Nagasaki, in memory of the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Hibakusha Brazil for Peace Association, formed by survivors of the atomic bombs residents in Brazil, has the intention to publicize the horrors of those tragedies to the Brazilian population through this cartoon, so that humanity will never repeat the mistake of using a nuclear weapon . It  also clearly shows the danger of Atomic Radiation, even in its peaceful use, as it manifests itself hidden, silent, odorless, permanent and will affect the whole planet we live.