Cris Ubermann

Cris Ubermann began making experimental short films in the 90’s in his native France. His urge to make films was triggered by extensive study of psychoanalysis and philosophy, which led him to discover and pursue the powerful impact of “images in movement” on human subconsciousness. His current works include collaborations with wellknown humanitarians and artists from around the world.

2015 Journey to Mt. Fuji
2014 Bko on Air (Documentary)
2010 Mozzman Episode 3: Ladymozz and the Death of Earth (Short)
2010 Film Noir Ichi: The Detective's Family (Short)
2009 Mozzman Episode 1: Charlie, Eddie, and Mozzman (Short)
2009 Mozzman Episode 2: When Mozzman Meets Virozz (Short)
2009 Sub: Way of Samurai (Short)