Curiosity Kills

Estonia, 2012, 14 min, without dialog
Comedy Thriller
Producer: Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School; Estonian Academy of Arts

"What would happen if I gave some of my dad's nuclear liquids to my pet rat?" the kid thought as he poured some uranium into his rat's bowl. BANG!! Curiosity Kills is a splatter comedy about a radioactive killer rat.

Best Short Comedy 2013

Sander Maran is a promising filmmaker from Estonia (Baltic Film and Media School). His 2012 produced short comedy ”Curiosity Kills” already received the Audience Award of Helsinki’s H2T Festival. Now it won the Yellow Oscar of the third International Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro in the category “Best short comedy”. Synopsis: “A 10 year old boy is fascinated by his father's spooky looking chemistry suitcase and decides to play with its contents. One thing leads to another and the boy's pet rat ends up attacking the family. Curiosity kills.”

“Films about radioactivity are normally boring for teenager and students”, says festival director Norbert G. Suchanek. “Curiosity Kills is different. It is a short horror comedy with a simple message: Radioactivity is dangerous and can change the genetic code of living beings. And every radioactive material must be stored and handled with great care. If not, the consequences can be terrible