The Eighth Commandment

Germany, 1986, 95 min, German
Production: Denkmal-Film GmbH
Latin American Premiere

Film documents from the past five decades prove that the use of nuclear energy – whether for peaceful or for military purposes – was made socially acceptable only by repeatedly duping the population. "The Eighth Commandment" (thou shalt not bear false witness on thy neighbour) shows disturbing pictures of nuclear reprocessing plants, giving a sobering insight into the history of atomic power: from Otto Hahn to VEBA chief Benningsen-Voerder. From the first tests in the Nevada desert to the catastrophes of Three Mile Island in the United States to Chernobyl in the former USSR. From political speeches to the civil-war-like scenes at the nuclear power plants of Whyl, Wilster, Brokdorf and Wackersdorf.