Dangerous Drinkwater

(Gefährliches Trinkwasser)
Germany, 2010, 44 min, German
Director: Dethlev Cordts, Production: Dethlev Cordts for NDR German TV
Latin American Premiere

From 1951 to 2005 at least 13,000 tonnes of uranium have been proposed on German fields. Phosphate fertilizers were dirtied with an average of half a pound of uranium per tonne. The confederation of industries agrarian and the farm association do not take a serious view on that. The natural uranium deposits in our grounds are much higher, than the additional load by the fertilization. Besides, they hide that the so-called "natural uranium" is already integrated since millenniums firmly in the crystalline structures of the rock, the uranium from the fertilizer, however, is very slightly water-disolvable and movable and can reach very fast in the drinking water leaders. In an exciting trace search author Dethlev Cordts is looking for the springs of the uranium coming along in the drinking water.