Franka Sachse & Uli Seis

The work on our animated short film started with the romantic idea of a firefly that falls in love with the sun. Even though the sun seems unreachable, the firefly is still happy - until a combat fought by humans makes the sun disappear. Trying to find his love the firefly destroys not only the world but the idea of the "happy ending" itself.

"The boy got the girl and everybody's dead."

"Liebe Sonne" (engl. "Beloved Sun") was our graduation film.

Franka Sachse, Uli Seis

Germany, 2011, 5 min Animation, no dialog Production: Franka Sachse, Uli Seis, Bauhaus-University Weimar Latin America Premiere A firefly falls in love with the most shiny thing he knows, the sun. Fireflies are so romantic, aren't they? And if it is the last thing they do...