Debra Chasnoff

Debra Chasnoff is an Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work has fueled progressive social-change movements in many fields. Sis president and senior producer at GroundSpark, a national social justice media, advocacy, and education organization, and co-creator of The Respect for All Project, a program that produces media and training resources to help prevent prejudice among young people.

Debra Chasnoff é uma documentarista, premiada pelo famoso Academy Award. O trabalho dela contribui para movimentos sociais em várias temáticas. Ela é presidente e produtora do GroundSpark, uma organização audiovisual e educativa para promover justiça social. É também co-criadora do Projeto The Respect for All que está produzindo mídias audiovisuais educativas para ajudar a prevenir o preconceito entre os jovens. 

USA, 1991, 29 min Documentary The documentary uncovers the disastrous health and environmental side effects caused by the production of nuclear materials by the General Electric Corporation. The film juxtaposes GE's rosy "We Bring Good Things to Life" commercials with the true stories of people whose lives were devastated by the company's involvement in testing and making nuclear weapons. Driven by intensely personal testimony and painstaking research, "Deadly Deception" exposes what GE never wanted its customers to know: a shocking pattern of negligence and misinformation spanning several decades. Nine months after this film won the Oscar®, GE pulled out of its work in the nuclear weapons industry, and Corporate Accountability International organizers of the GE boycott, declared...