Do not forget Hiroshima nor Fukushima
Do not forget Hiroshima nor Fukushima
Do not forget Hiroshima nor Fukushima
Do not forget Hiroshima nor Fukushima
Do not forget Hiroshima nor Fukushima

Do not forget Hiroshima nor Fukushima

The International Uranium Film Festival is dedicated to all films about nuclear power and the risks of radioactivity, from uranium mining to nuclear waste. From Hiroshima to Chernobyl and Fukushima. It throws light on all nuclear issues. 

"Citizens' growing opposition to nuclear power plants [...] proved more sense of reality than the highly scientific calculations with supposedly exact numbers and curves of risk mathematics which were supposed to prove that major reactor accidents, if any, could occur only once in hundreds of years." Robert Jungk (1913-94), writer, journalist and futurist

About one year before the Fukushima reactor exploded, the International Uranium Film Festival was founded in 2010 in Santa Teresa, the famous artist quarter in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. The first Uranium Film Festival then was held in May 2011. Since then the Uranium Film Festival happens every year in Rio and since 2012 also in Berlin. But not only Rio or Berlin: The Uranium Film Festival has in fact became a global festival. It has been already in more than 30 cities around the globe: from New York to New Delhi and Hyderabad, from Hollywood to Mumbai, Amman, Lisbon, Window Rock and Washington DC, ... 

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Philosopher George Santayana

Documentaries, movies and animations are the best tool to transport information about nuclear energy and radioactivity, an invisible danger that has no taste, no smell, no colour. And a festival is the best way to bring these films to the people! The Uranium Film Festival is a project against forgetting and ignoring. The horror of atomic bombs and uranium weapons, and nuclear accidents like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Goiânia or now Fukushima should never be forgotten - nor repeated. 

Support the festival. Make a donation. As all film festivals we do need your support.

As any independent film festival the Uranium Film Festival depends on donations. Entry fees and contributions by institutions cover only a small part of the actual costs. Each donation for that is necessary, welcomed and helps us to organize the Uranium Film Festival in Rio, Berlin and in other cities and countries. Please help us. Become a friend and supporter of the Uranium Film Festival. Atomic risks, nuclear or radioactive accidents like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Goiania or Fukushima shall never be forgotten nor repeated.

Every year we receive new invitations from all over the world to bring the festival with its important films to other cities and countries like Australia, Greenland, Tanzania, Spain or now Scotland. But this is only possible with your support, with your donation. „What a wonderful initiative, the Uranium Film Festival. Extremely important to show these messages. It would be good if the film festival could come to Tanzania and other African countries.“ Arend de Haas, Director, African Conservation Foundation 

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