Uranium Film Festival USA 2023 Campaign

International Uranium Film Festival 2023 in USA

From Rio to LA, New York & Window Rock

"The world is beginning to forget the reality of nuclear weapons,“ writes Nina Tannenwald, associate professor of political science, in Foreign Policy. Bill Gates is planning a new nuclear power plant in Wyoming. California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to keep the aging "Diablo Canyon" nuclear power plant running and uranium mines still threaten indigenous peoples and the Grand Canyon. Good reasons enough to bring the International Uranium Film Festival back to the US with new powerful award wining films like “Television Event”, “Atomic Cover-Up”, “Toxic Neighbour” or "The Plutonium Dome” .

Though we still have Uranium Film Festivals this year to come (in August in Norway and in October in Berlin) we begin the planning & campaigning for 2023. On top of the list are the US. We want to bring Uranium Film Festivals in 2023 to Los Angeles, Window Rock, New York and in between. Since we are not supported by big companies, we have to raise funds for this and count on everyone who deals with the issue. We are happy about every donation.

In addition, we invite all NGOs, institutions or foundations in the USA that deal with nuclear and environmental issues to become festival partners or co-organizers. The Uranium Film Festival has allready  been organized twice in sevaral cities of the US Southwest including Window Rock and Santa Fe in 2013 and 2018, once in Los Angeles (Hollywood) in 2016,
once in Washington DC and New York City in 2014.
Please contact us for questions, suggestions and support.
And please let others know so we can reach as many people as possible. Thanks!


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