11th Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro 2022

Uranium Film Festival 2022 Modern Art Museum Rio de Janeiro

We are proud to announce the 11th International Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro. The festival is scheduled for May 19 - 29, 2022 at the Cinematheque of Rio's famous Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio). 

Regardless of whether you are in favour or against nuclear power. Everyone should be aware of the risks and consequences.

Some say nuclear power is clean and saves the climate, like French President Emmanuel Macron. Others oppose it. It's dirty, dangerous and also generates CO2. The International Uranium Film Festival invites filmmakers, nuclear experts, activists, journalists and film enthusiasts from all over the world to come to Rio. Let us watch together films and talk about nuclear power, nuclear risks and climate change. Between May 19 and 29 next year the 11th International Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro plans to screen about 40 movies and documentaries on nuclear power. In addition several side events like panels and filmmaker meetings are planned. One focus will be uranium mining and its consequences and legacy.

Join us in Rio in May 2022. We keep our fingers crossed that the coronavirus pandemic will be over by then. If the Covid-19 pandemic - contrary to our expectations and hopes - does not allow it, the festival will take place online like 2021.

The Uranium Film Festival and its success depends on people and donations. The festival needs people and socially, environmentally conscious companies and institutions as supporters and partners.

We welcome any donation. Thank You. 

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"There have been several nuclear disasters in the world. With the Uranium Film Festival everyone is aware of this. The festival is being held in several countries to show the danger of radiation. Congratulations!" Kunihiko Bonkohara, Hibakusha Brazil for Peace Association.