08:15 de 1945
(Roberto Fernandez)
Argentine/Brazil, 2012, 106 min, Portuguese with English subtitles Production: O Movimento Falso Filmes Documentary The Hibakusha of Brazil. August 6, 1945, at quarter past eight in the morning the USA are...
25 anos de Chernobyl: vivendo com a tragédia
(Rüdiger Lubricht & Rainer Ludwigs)
(25 Jahre Tschernobyl: Leben Mit Einer Tragödie) Alemanha/Ucrânia, 2010, 27 min, alemão, legendas em português Classificação indicativa 12 Documentário sobre os efeitos do acidente em Chernobyl e suas novas vítimas...
A Sunday in Pripyat
(Blandine Huk & Frédéric Cousseau)
(Un dimanche à Pripiat) France, 2006, 26 min, English Written and directed by Blandine Huk & Frédéric Cousseau. Somewhere in Europe there is a forbidden zone. Lying in the heart of this zone is Pripyat, at one...
A Woman from Fukushima
(Yumiko Hayakawa)
Japão, 2014, 56 min, japonês, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 A dona de casa Setsuko Kida perdeu o seu lar por causa do acidente nuclear em Fukushima. Seu filho trabalhava na usina...
(Ian Thomas Ash)
Japão, 2013, 71 min, japonês e inglês, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Dezoito meses depois do desastre nuclear, crianças de Fukushima estão doentes. O filme critica a falta de...
Abita. Children from Fukushima
(Shoko Hara & Paul Brenner)
Germany, 2012, 4 min, no dialogue Animation World Premiere Animated short film about Fukushima children who can't play outside. About their dreams and realities. Bachelor in 2012 of Shoko Hara and Paul...
Acouphènes - White Noise
(François-Xavier Drouet)
  France, 2004, 17 min, French with English subtitles Acouphènes is as much an ecological fable as an experimental nursery rhyme. Under an ironic exterior, this short film sounds out our confidence in nuclear...
After All
(Bogna Kowalczyk)
Polônia, 2013, 5 min Animação, sem diálogos Classificação indicativa 16 Reflexão sobre a sociedade de consumo e energia nuclear. 
After the Day After
(Nathan Meltz)
USA, 2011, 6 min, English Animation/Experimental Producer: Nathan Meltz Latin American Premiere The film remakes a section of the 1983 post-nuclear made-for- TV movie 'The Day After', retelling the story of atomic...
Alone In The Zone
(Ivan Kovac, Jeffrey Jousan)
Japon | 2013 | 18 minutes | Documentaire Réalisateurs : Ivan Kovac, Jeffrey Jousan | Producteur : Vice Japan Version originale : japonaise | Sous-titres: anglais Synopsis : Deux ans après que la centrale nucléaire...
(Angelo Lima)
Brazil, 2002, 4 min, Portuguese Fiction One of the first victims of the radioactive accident of Goiânia with Cesium-137 September 1987 was a 6 year old child. Leide das Neves had no time to play.
Anatomie einer Bombe
(Angelo Saso & Maurizio Torrealta)
Italien, 2006, 22 min, Englisch Produktion Rainews24 Krieg im Libanon und seine Folgen. Italienische Reporter gehen der Frage nach: Hat die israelische Armee Uran-Waffen eingesetzt?
Anatomy of a Bomb
(Angelo Saso & Maurizio Torrealta)
(Anatomia di una Bomba) Directors: Angelo Saso and Maurizio Torrealta Italy, 2006, 22 min, English Production Rainews24 The Israeli army denied the use of uranium-based weapons in Lebanon. So, how can people...
Another Chernobyl
(Andrii Mykhailyk)
Ucrânia, 2011, 56 min, ucraniano e russo, legendas em inglês Classificação indicativa 12 Documentário sobre os “chernobilanos”: para eles Chernobyl é sua terra natal que precisou ser abandonada e só pode ser...
Are Vah !
(Sarah Irion)
France | 2014 | 71 minutes | Documentaire Réalisateurs : Micha Patault, Sarah Irion | Producteur : Antoine Cayrol Version originale : Hindi, anglaise, française | Soustitres: français Synopsis : Inde,...
Armas de urânio empobrecido (DU) radiativo no Iraque
(Sue Harris)
(Poison DUst) EUA, 2005, 58 min, inglês, legendas em espanhol Documentário Classificação indicativa 16 Soldados americanos no Iraque voltam para casa contaminados com pó radioativo (DU) das armas e seus...
Ashes To Honey: For Searching a Sustainable Future
(Hitomi Kamanaka)
Japan, 2010, 116 min. English For 28 years, the people of Iwaishima Island, living in the middle of the bountiful Inland Sea, have been opposing a plan to build a nuclear power plant. The island has a 1000 - year...
Atomic Africa
(Marcel Kolvenbach)
Germany, 2013, 90 min, German Documentary The film reveals the hidden agenda of the nuclear industry in Africa and the alarming consequences for people and the environment. In collusion with corrupt governments and...
Atomic Alert (Nucléaire en Alerte)
(Thomas Johnson)
(NUCLEAIRE EN ALERTE) France | 2009 | 87 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Thomas Johnson | Producteur : Hind Saïh Version originale : Anglais & Français Trailer: http://www.mwayfilms.com/en/films/...
Atomic Australia
(Riccardo Russo)
Itália, 2006, 6 min, inglês, legendas em italiano Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Ponto de vista de um italiano sobre a luta dos australianos contra a indústria nuclear na Austrália. 
Atomic Bomb Home
(Katsumi Sakaguchi)
Japan, 2012, 65 min, English subtitles World Premiere A documentary that captures everyday life at a special nursing home for elderly atomic bombing survivors over the course of two years. Its director is Sakaguchi...
Atomic Bombs on The Planet Earth
(Peter Greenaway)
Royaume-Uni / Pays-Bas | 2011 | 13 min | Documentaire expérimental / Art Vidéo Réalisateur : Peter Greenaway. Conception de la vidéo : Irma de Vries. Producteur : Changer Performing Arts. Version originale :...
Atomic City
(David Mcmurry)
ATOMIC CITY 2014 | 27 min | Documentaire. Réalisateur: David Mcmurry | Producteur: Bradley Beesley, Ep, Ben Steinbauer. Version originale : Anglais / Sous-titres: Français Synopsis : Atomic City est une...
Atomic Footprints
(Pip Starr)
Australia, 2006, 14 min, English Documentary Australia is facing what could be the largest expansion of our nuclear industry ever, with the proposals for increased uranium mining, nuclear power generation and a...
Atomic Ivan
(Vasily Barkhatov)
(Atomny Ivan) Russia, 2012, 91 min, Russian, English subtitles Production: Telesto Film Company Romantic Comedy That is a plane story of people from the future which is getting to be real nowadays. The heroes are...
Atomic Mom
(M.T. Silvia)
Japan/USA, 2010, 80 min, English, English subtitles Documentary Atomic Mom weaves an intimate portrait of a complex mother-daughter relationship within an obscure moment in American history. Pauline Silvia, the...
Auf Augenhöhe - At Eye Level
(Kerstin Schnatz)
Germany, 2010, 11 min, German/Portuguese subtitle Production: Strahlendes Klima Latin American Premiere It is a short film about uranium mining and environmental racism in Niger, Namibia and the United States...
Australian Atomic Confessions
(Katharine Aigner)
Australia, 2005, 49 min, English and Aboriginal Australian Documentary Latin American Premiere Sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. Eyewitnesses tell the true story of what happend during the 12 British atomic bomb...
(Adrian Regnier Chavez)
México, 2012, 2 min, russo, legendas em espanhol e russo Videoarte Classificação indicativa 10 Imagine o que acontece na atmosfera da Terra quando uma bomba atômica explode? Onde a Ciência e a Arte se...
Balkan Cancer
(Agim Abdullah)
Macedonia | 2014 | 52 min | Documentaire. Réalisateur: Agim Abdullah | Producteur: Press TV. Version originale : Macedonian | Sous-titres: Anglais. (Séléctionné pour les projections au Brésil) Synopsis : Presque...
Beating The Bomb
(Meera Patel & Wolfgang Matt)
United Kingdom, 2010, 71 min, English Directors and Producers: Meera Patel and Wolfgang Matt Production: Maddmovies Documentary A story about the biggest weapons of mass destruction ever created, the people who...
(Alessandro Tesei)
Italie | 2015 | 62 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Alessandro Tesei | Producteur «Mondo in Cammino Productions» Version originale : Russe et Anglais | Sous-titres: Anglais et Français Bande-annonce: https://www....
Beloved Sun (Liebe Sonne)
(Franka Sachse & Uli Seis)
Germany, 2011, 5 min Animation, no dialog Production: Franka Sachse, Uli Seis, Bauhaus-University Weimar Latin America Premiere A firefly falls in love with the most shiny thing he knows, the sun. Fireflies are...
Beyond the Cloud
(Keiko Courdy)
França/Japão, 2013, 94 min, japonês e francês, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 A vida depois do acidente nuclear em Fukushima e o perigo invisível. 
Beyond the Wave
(Kyoko Miyake)
Alemanha/Japão, 2013, 83 min, japonês, legendas em inglês Classificação indicativa 12 Documentário sobre o que podemos fazer depois do desastre nuclear de Fukushima. 
(Pedro Rivero & Alberto Vázquez)
Spain, 2010, 12 min Animation Producer: Abrakam Estudio A terrible industrial accident changes DINKI's life forever. Now DINKI's fate may ride on the wings of her eccentric friend BIRDBOY, a misfit who hides in the...
(Karlos Alastruey)
Spain, 2012, 4 min About the relationship among radioactive pollution in water and food safety.
Blowin' in the Wind
(David Bradbury)
Australia, 2005, 62 min, English Production: Frontline Film Foundation Documentary Latin American Premiere Blowin' in the Wind examines the secret treaty that allows the US military to train and test its weaponry...
(Stefan Liedtke)
Germany, 2009, 15 min, Production: Stefan Liedtke
(Riccardo Palladino)
Italie | 2014 | 45 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Riccardo Palladino | Producteur: Riccardo Palladino. Version originale : Italian | Sous-titres: Anglais Site web du film: http://www.brasimonefilm.it/ Synopsis...
Broken Arrow. Nuclear Accident in Palomares (Operación Flecha Rota. Accidente Nuclear en Palomares)
(Jose Herrera Plaza)
Espagne | 2007 | 96 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Jose Herrera Plaza | Producteur: Antonio Sánchez Picón Version originale : espagnole- Anglais | Sous-titres: Anglais-espagnole. Synopsis : En janvier 1966 deux...
(Shri Prakash)
(Ragi Kana Ko Bonga Buru) India, 1999, 52 min, English Documentary Not part of the Competition "Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda" is a documentary film on uranium mining and its deadly impacts on the tribal people living...
Burial at Los Alamos
(Eve-Andrée Laramée)
USA, 2006, 6 min, English Animation Latin America Premiere An experimental "Western" environmental expose on the burial of 17,500,000 cubic feet of radioactive and other toxic waste disposed of during the Cold War...
Buried in Earthskin
(Helena Kingwill)
South-Africa, 2009, 50 min, English & Africaans Latin American Premiere Inspired by a dream of nuclear waste as a malignant tumour in the earths skin a woman journalist sets off on a road trip. She follows the...
Caesium 137 – The Death Shine
(Luiz Eduardo Jorge)
(Césio 137 – O Brilho da Morte) Brazil, 2003, 24 min Director: Luiz Eduardo Jorge, Producer: Laura Pires AUDIENCE AWARD BEST SHORT FILM 2011 That Brazilian short film shows the events of a real live tragedy about...
Caesium 137: The nightmare of Goiânia
(Roberto Pires)
Brazil, 1989, 95 min, Portuguese, English subtitles Producer: Laura Pires Doc Fiction AUDIENCE AWARD BEST FEATURE FILM 2011 In the ruins of a demolished hospital for cancer treatment in the centre of the Brazilian...
Caetité, Suffering in Shades of Grey
(Laura Pires)
(Caetité, Sofrimento Cinzento) Brazil, 2013, 35 min World Premiere The City of Caetité Bahia is the place of the second uranium mining in Brazil. What's going on today?
Cesium In My Blood
(Lars Westman)
(Cesium Iblodet) Sweden/Brazil, 2009, 70 min Coproducer Zenildo Barreto Special Achievement Award 2013 A scrap merchant in Goiania, a million-town in Brazil come upon a heavy metal box in a pulled down hospital...
Chernobyl The Invisible Thief
(Christoph Boekel)
(Verstrahlt und vergessen, Tschernobyl und die Folgen) Germany, 2006, 59 min, German/ Russian, English Subtitle Production: ARTE – WDR Brazilian Premiere April 26th 1986. The day a nightmare scenario became...
Chernobyl, A Natural History?
(Luc Riolon)
(Tchernobyl, Une histoire naturelle) France, 2009, 90 min Directed by Luc Riolon Produced by Camera Lucida Productions, www.cameralucida.fr  On April 26th 1986, reactor n°4 at the Lenin power station in...
Children of Armageddon (Enfants d'Armageddon)
(Fabienne Lipa-Dumas)
Canada | 2008 | 93 min | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Fabienne Lipa-Dumas | Producteur: Sylvie Peltier. Version originale : Français et anglais | Sous-titres: Anglais / français Synopsis : Un portrait émouvant...
Children of Uranium
(Adina Popescu)
Romania, 2009, 64 min, English subtitles Production: Libra Film Productions Special Achievement Award 2013 In 1950, the Russians discovered a rich uranium deposit in Apuseni Mountains, Romania. Shortly thereafter...
Climate of Hope
(Scott Ludlam)
Australia, 2007, 30 min Directed by Scott Ludlam Produced by Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia, www.anawa.org.au Climate change, nuclear power and the energy revolution: Climate of Hope is a 30 minute...
Crying Earth Rise Up
(Suree Towfighnia)
États-unis | 2014 | 56 min 46 | Documentaire Réalisateur: Suree Towfighnia | Producteur: Suree Towfighnia et Courtney Hermann Version originale : Anglais | Sous-titres: Français Synopsis : Crying Earth Rise Up...
Curiosity Kills
(Sander Maran)
Estonia, 2012, 14 min, without dialog Comedy Thriller Producer: Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School; Estonian Academy of Arts "What would happen if I gave some of my dad's nuclear liquids to my pet...
Dangerous Drinkwater
(Dethlev Cordts)
(Gefährliches Trinkwasser) Germany, 2010, 44 min, German Director: Dethlev Cordts, Production: Dethlev Cordts for NDR German TV Latin American Premiere From 1951 to 2005 at least 13,000 tonnes of uranium have been...
(Anna Luisa Schmid)
Allemange | 2011 | 1 min 55 | Animation. Réalisateur: Anna Luisa Schmid | Producteur: Anna Luisa Schmid Version Original: Aucun dialogue Première mondiale Synopsis : Une réponse à la puissance...
Das Strahlende Vermächtnis
(Thomas Aders)
Deutschland, 2013, 8 min Produktion SWR Im letzten Irak-Krieg verschossen die Alliierten hunderte von Tonnen uranhaltiger Munition. Die panzerbrechende Waffe wirkt noch nach Jahren. Eine Reportage über die...
Deadly Deception
(Debra Chasnoff)
USA, 1991, 29 min Documentary The documentary uncovers the disastrous health and environmental side effects caused by the production of nuclear materials by the General Electric Corporation. The film juxtaposes GE's...
Deadly Dust
(Frieder F. Wagner)
Germany, 2006/2007, 93 min, German Director: Frieder F. Wagner, Email: ochowa-film@t-online.de The film accampanies Prof. Guenther, specialist for tropic diseases and epidemiologist, and his expert colleagues...
Deadly Dust - The Contaminated Children of Basra
(Frieder F. Wagner)
(Todesstaub – die verstrahlten Kinder von Basra) Germany, 2010, 29 min Documentary The German physician and scientist, Dr. Siegwart Horst Günther, was the first one to draw public attention to the terrible long-...
Dirt Cheap 30 Years On: The Story of Uranium Mining in Kakadu
(Ned Lander)
Australia, 1980-2011, 51 min English/Gunwinku, English Subtitles Uranium mining was imposed on the Traditional Owners of Kakadu, Australia in the late 1970s and the controversial Ranger mine commenced production in...
Double Happiness Uranium
(Cole Larsen)
Australia, 2012, 87 min, English Producer: Tom Young Science fiction World Premiere In the not too distant future, the newly formed Independent Republic of South Australia is the phoenix that rises from the ashes...
Dusts (Poussieres)
(Daniel Metge)
France | 2013 | 22 min | Fiction. Réalisateur : Daniel Metge | Producteur: Sandra da Fonseca. Version originale : Français | Sous-titres: Anglais Synopsis : Depuis quelques temps, le village a été tout ...
Element 55
(Elemento 55) Brazil, 2008, 36 min Directors and Producers: Daniela Mazur, Ana Rios, Ricardo Busquêt. Colégio Santa Mônica of São Gonçalo It is a short fiction movie made by Students of the School Colégio Santa...
Endstation Krasnokamensk. Ein Heimatbesuch
(Marianne Kapfer & Olga Delane)
Deutschland, 2013, 87 min Endstation Krasnokamensk. Kurz vor der chinesischen Grenze, tief in der sibirischen Steppe endet die Bahnstrecke. Als hier vor 40 Jahren Geologen Uran fanden, wurde die „geheime Stadt“...
(Christoph Boekel)
Germany, 1986, 28 min, English subtitles Producer: Baum-Film/Cristoph Boekel An experimental film which tries to reflect upon the danger of inconceivability, using Hiroshima as a basis. This film does not resort to...
Evolução da bestialidade
(Collective Work Chidren’s “Detective”)
(Evolution of Beastliness) Rússia, 2013, 4 min, legendas em inglês Ficção Classificação indicativa livre O que fazer com o seu lixo? E quando o lixo for atômico?
Exclusion Zone
(Omar Kardoudi)
Spain, 2011, 13 min, English Fiction A man breaks into an apartment carrying a big black backpack. He is wearing an anti radiation suit. The place looks abandoned the radiation levels are crazy high. Then he looks...
Explosions Bring Us Closer Together
(Jonathan Johnson)
EUA, 2010, 2 min Videoarte, sem diálogos Classificação indicativa 10 Uma breve observação do mais global da globalização.
(Ilinca Höpfner & Helge Henning)
Germany, 2013, 10 min, English World Premiere Behind the power outlet in her room the little girl discovers a futuristic fairground run by the nuclear energy industry. Soon her fascination turns into horror. ...
(Lawrence Johnston)
Austrália, 2013, 86 min, inglês Documentário de ficção Classificação indicativa 12 Nevil Shute foi um engenheiro do exército britânico durante a II Guerra Mundial, vai morar na Austrália e se transforma em escritor...
(Feurat Alani)
Irak / France | 2011 | 48 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Feurat Alani | Producteur: Baozi Version originale : Anglais and français En 2004, Fallujah en Irak est devenu le théâtre d’une confrontation majeure...
Fight For Country - The story of the Jabiluka Blockade
(Pip Starr)
Australia 2001/2002, 62 min Writer/director/camera: Pip Starr Rockhopper Productions, www.rhproductions.com.au The documentary took 4 years and 4 weeks to complete. It tells the story of one of Australia's largest...
Fight for the Island - Punsu No Tao
(Kolas Yotaka, Chang & Jia-Wei)
Taiwan, 2013, 65 min, mandarin e tao, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Taiwan tem três usinas nucleares produzindo lixo radioativo desde os anos 1970. O governo quer criar um...
Fikapaus (Coffee Break)
(Marko Kattilakoski)
Sweden, 2011, 14 min 30, Swedish/English Subtitle Latin American and Indian Premiere Yellow Oscar Best Short Film 2012 During a coffee break two men, wearing protective suits, are having a conversation about...
Final Picture
(Michael von Hohenberg)
Allemange | 2013 | 92 min | Fiction | Réalisateur: Michael von Hohenberg | Producteur: White-Lake-City Filmproduktion, www.white-lake-city.de - Yellow Oscar 2014 Winner Fiction/Student Production Version originale :...
Flashes of Hope: Hibakusha Traveling the World
(Erika Bagnarello)
Japão/ Costa Rica, 2009, 61 min, japonês, legendas em espanhol Classificação indicativa 10 Documentário com as vozes de 102 vítimas das bombas atômicas lançadas sobre Hiroshima e Nagasaki, enquanto viajavam ao redor...
Food and Radiation
(Yoko Kumano)
USA, 2012, 18 min, Japanese/English, English subtitles Producer: Yoko Kumano Documentary World Premiere The film addresses the isue of radiation in food after the March 11, 2011, Fukushima desaster. The film...
For the Supreme Fight
(Shri Prakash)
(Gere Dan) India, 2014, 48 min, French/English with English subtitle World premier in NewYork City Niger, Gabon, Congo and other African countries had been going through the experience of Uranium mining since...
Forbidden Ground, Fukushima
(Kazunori Kurimoto)
Japan, 2012, 57 min, Japanese, English subtitles Documentary World Premiere It is a documentary on the aftermath of the disaster in Fukushima. Someone said "Fukushima, it's like a parallel world". It's...
(Deborah Begel & David Lindblom)
États-Unis | 2012 | 37 min | Documentaire, Réalisateurs: Deborah Begel et David Lindblom, Executive | Producteurs: Dr. Johnnye Lewis et Chris Shuey. Version originale : Navajo & anglais | Sous-titres : anglais...
Friendly Fire - Back to the Balkans
(TerraProject Photographers)
Directors and Production: Terra Project Photographers Italy, 2010, 10 min, Italian with English subtitles A series of interviews of four Italian veterans affected by the Balkan syndrome and landscape images from...
From Radioactive Mines to Radioactive Weapons
(Philippa Winkler & Daniel Robicheau)
USA, 1999, 25 min Co- Producers / Directors / Writers (with Anna Rondan) This film chronicles how three large communities of people are effected by uranium's cycle of destruction: the Navajo uranium miners of the...
Fukushame. The Lost Japan
(Alessandro Tesei)
Italie | 2013 | 64 min | Documentaire Réalisateur Alessandro Tesei | Producteur: Teatro Primo Studio – Film Beyond, www.teatroprimostudio.it Sous-titres: Italien, anglais Un voyage à la fois dans le «No Go Zone»...
Get Up Stand Up
India, 2012, 34 min, Tamil/Malayalam with English Subtitles Documentary It is an answer to many of the myths surrounding the nuclear power projects, the world over. Though this film is set particularly in the...
Go South for Animal Index: A Fable of Los Alamos
(Chris King)
EUA, 2013, 90 min, inglês, legendas em inglês Ficção Classificação indicativa 14 O desenvolvimento de uma bomba nuclear em uma base militar secreta. A região está contaminada, o que acontece com animais e...
Ground Zero - Sacred Ground
(Karen Aqua)
États-Unis | 1997 | 9 min | Animation Réalisateur: Karen AQUA (1954 - May 30th, 2011) / Musique par Ken Field Version originale : Aucun dialogue Synopsis : Dans le sud du centre du Nouveau-Mexique, un ancien...
(Adrian Regnier Chavez)
México, 2013-2014, 8 min, legendas em inglês Videoarte Classificação indicativa 10 A corrida armamentista é um fenômeno à beira da detonação. As mais de 30.000 bombas atômicas têm massa crítica suficiente para...
Half Life
(Anne-Katrin Kiewitt & Alice von Gwinner)
(Halbwertszeit) Germany, 2012, 20min, English subtitles Production: Bauhaus-University Weimar Science fiction In the year 2022: After a serious meltdown in a German nuclear power plant the soil is contaminated and...
Herr Hope and the Nuclear Waste
(Thorsten Löffler & Jan Lachauer)
(Herr Hoppe und der Atommüll) Germany, 2011, 4 min Producer Filmakademie Baden – Württemberg Animation A barrel of nuclear waste drops into the living room of Herr Hoppe an average suburbian German. He has to get...
(Steve Nguyen & Choz Belen)
USA, 2012, 54 min, English Documentary with animation This film is inspired to bring awareness to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in hopes that a nuclear tragedy like this will never happen again. "...
Hibakusha at the End of the World
(Hitomi Kamanaka)
Japão, 2003, 116 min, japonês, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Hibakusha é o nome em japonês dado para vítimas da radioatividade em várias partes do mundo. A radioatividade se...
Hibakusha, Our Life to Live
(David Rothauser)
(Hibakusha - Unser Leben zu Leben) USA, 2010, 78 min, English with German subtitles. Memory Productions Documentary The stories of Japanese, Korean, and American Hibakusha: Survivers of the atomicbombs. Their...
High Power
(Pradeep Indulkar)
Inde | 2013 | 27 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Pradeep Indulkar Version originale : Marathi/anglais | Sous-titres: Anglais, allemand, français Synopsis : Tarapur Nuclear Power Project est le premier ...
Hiroshima A Mother's Prayer
(Motoo Ogasawara)
Japan, 1990, 30 min, Portuguese A film of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum A documentary film featuring footage captured immediately after the blast, it calls for the abolition of nuclear weapons and world peace...
Hiroshima Nagasaki Download
(Shinpei Takeda)
Japon | 88 minute 40 | 2009 | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Takashi Itoh | Producteur : Takashi Itoh. Version originale : Japonaise et coréenne | Soustitres: anglais. Est-ce que l’expérience de la bombe...
Hiroshima Pyongyang
(Takashi Itoh)
Japon | 88 minute 40 | 2009 | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Takashi Itoh | Producteur : Takashi Itoh. Version originale : Japonaise et coréenne | Soustitres: anglais. Synopsis : Environ 70 000 Coréens, ont été...
Hogar, Hogar
(Carlos Alonso Ojea)
Espanha, 2013, 17 min, espanhol, legendas em inglês Ficção Classificação indicativa 12 Quais motivos você teria para viver em um abrigo nuclear? Um filme para debate.
(Nao Kubota)
Japon | 2014 | 118 min | Doc Fiction. Réalisateur: Nao Kubota | Producteur: Takehiko Aoki, Yuji Sadai and Tadashi Mori Version originale : Japonais | Sous-titres; Anglais. (Séléctionné pour les projections au...
Images of Fukushima
(Pablo de Soto)
"Our contemporary world is hipervisual. Moving images mediate our understanding of events. When this is a nuclear catastrophe, the relationship of the event with its visual representation acquires unprecedented...
In My Lifetime: The Nuclear World Project
(Robert E. Frye)
EUA, 2011, 109 min, inglês, legendas em espanhol Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Filme monumental sobre o mundo armado com bombas atômicas: um retrato da Era Nuclear e da Guerra Fria, com cenas históricas...
Indian Point – Nowhere to Run
(Tobe Carey)
USA, 2003, 29 min, English Documentary Latin American Premiere Shows the impossibility of evacuation at Indian Point nuclear power plant outside NY City. Produced after the 9/11 terror attack on New York City and...
(Margaret Cox)
Royaume-Uni | 2013 | 10 minutes | Documentaire. Réalisatrice: Margaret Cox. Version originale : Anglaise | Sous-titres: français. Trailer Français: https://vimeo.com/120620416 Synopsis : “Inheritance” raconte l’...
Inseparable (Motylki)
(Vitaliy Vorobyov)
Ukraine | 2013 | 118 minutes | Fiction. Réalisateur : Vitaliy Vorobyov | Producteur : Victor Mirsky. Version originale : Russe | Sous-titres: français. Synopsis : Avril 1986, Pripyat, en Ukraine. Une fusion s’est...
Into Eternity
(Michael Madsen)
Denmark, 2010, 75 min Director: Michael Madsen Producer: Lise Lense-Möller / Magic Hour Films This film explores the question of preparing the site so that it is not disturbed for 100,000 years, even though no...
Inverno nuclear
(Eimhin McNamara)
(Nuclear Winter) De Megan Taite, Jefferson Tolentino, Erwin Bonifacio, Robert Mullally, Shane Donohue, Jack Travers e Eimhin McNamara (supervisor) Irlanda, 2012, 5 min sem diálogos Classificação indicativa livre...
Invisible War: Depleted Uranium & The Politics Of Radiation
(Martin Meissonnier)
(La guerre radioactive secrète) France, 2000, 64 min Director: Martin Meissonnier Contact: www.campagnepremiere.fr/uranium.html After 1991 in Irak, many children are born with malformation, in the USA,...
(David Bradbury)
Australia, 1997, 63 min, English Production: Frontline Films Latin American Premiere Jabiluka tells the story of the Mirarr Aboriginal people's opposition to another uranium mine on their country in World Heritage...
Jadugoda - The Black Magic
(Shri Prakash)
India | 2009 | 9 min | Documentary Director: Shri Prakash | Original Language: English Jadugoda is an area in the state of Bihar populated by the indigenous Adivasi people. It first came into prominence when...
Journey to the Safest Place on Earth
(Edgar Hagen)
Suíça, 2013, 100 min, alemão, legendas em português Documentário Produção: Mira Film GmbH Classificação indicativa 12 Letal e altamente radioativo, o lixo das usinas nucleares é uma ameaça por milhares de...
Kazakhstan - The Forgotten Fallout
(Brian Staveley)
Irlandais | 2008 | 24 min | Film imagé. Réalisateur: Brian Staveley | Producteur: Brian Staveley Version originale : Anglais | Sous-titres: Anglais. (Séléctionné pour les projections au Brésil) Synopsis : Cette...
Deutschland/ Taiwan, 2013, 9 min Animationsfilm Das Wort Kern hat wie im Chinesischen zwei Bedeutungen. Zwei junge Trickfilmer aus Taiwan reflektieren in Deutschland über Kernenergie. REGISSEURE ANWESEND (Berlin...
(Curtis Taylor)
Australia, 2012, 15 min, English subtitles Production: Curtis Taylor & Eleanor Winkler Currently the international mining company Cameco are conducting Uranium exploration in Kintyre, a remote part of the...
Là suta (Down there). Our nuclear legacy in a triangle of water. (Là suta. Là nostra eredità nucleare in un triangolo d'acqua)
(Daniele Gaglianone)
Italie | 2014 | 68 minutes | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Daniele Gaglianone, Cristina, Paolo Monti Rapalino Productrice : Paola Ciafardoni. Version originale : Italienne | Sous-titres: français, anglais....
Lágrimas eternas
(Kseniya Simonova)
(Eternal Tears) Ucrânia, 2011, 11 min Animação, sem diálogos Classificação indicativa livre Vinte e seis anos depois da explosão em Chernobyl o acidente não está resolvido e pessoas na Ucrânia e Bielorrússia estão...
Leonids Story
(Rainer Ludwigs)
Germany / Ukraine, 2011, 19 min, Russian, English Subtitles  Animated documentary Producer: Tetyana Chernyavska Yellow Oscar Best Animation Film 2012 A Soviet family searching for a modest...
Loving the Bomb
(Alison Davis)
Canada | 2009 | 4’ | Animation. Director: Alison Davis | Producer: Alison Davis. Original Language: English | Subtitled Language French Synopsis: Loving the Bomb is a hand-drawn animation that constructs a portrait...
Maralinga Pieces
(Jessie Boylan)
Australia, 2012, 13 min, English Producer: Jessie Boylan Editor: Anthony Kelly Music: Genevieve Fry Between 1952 and 1963 the British Government performed highly secretive nuclear weapons tests at Maralinga and...
Mining on the Swell
(Michael T. Searcy)
EUA, 2012, 18 min, inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 O filme mostra a bravura dos poucos mineiros sobreviventes da mineração de urânio de São Rafael Swell, no deserto de Utah. 
(Keren Zaltz)
Israel, 2012, 3 min, without dialog Experimental The video includes footages from authentic shots of bombing, from popular American movies and from propaganda movies that was created by the American government...
Muckaty Voices
(Nataly Wasley)
Australia, 2010, 10 min Documentary Muckaty Voices is a short film capturing Aboriginal community resistance to an Australian government plan to dump low and long lived intermediate level radioactive waste at...
Nagasaki 1945 - Angelus Bell
(Seiji Arihara)
Japan, 2005, 80 min, Japanese / Portuguese subtitles Production Masaaki Fujita   In wartime Japan, an idealistic young doctor is sent to the countryside to run a TB hospital in the provincial town of...
Natur unter Beschuss: Ökologische folgen des Krieges
(Max Mönch)
Deutschland, 44 min ZDF, Phoenix Film über die ökologischen Folgen von Krieg. Eine Schlacht ist die intensivste Form des Ressourcenverbrauchs. Das oberste Ziel im Krieg ist es, den Gegner zu schwächen, ihn zu...
No To A Nuclear Jordan
(Solenne Tadros)
Jordan, 2012, 7 min, English Best Student Film 2013 In this short film, I aim to present the dangers that come with having a nuclear power plant. I did this by showing past nuclear power plant accidents and the...
Not for Public Release: a Nuclear Incident in Lock Haven
(Bill Keisling)
USA, 2010, 73 min, English Documentary Latin American Premiere Yellow Oscar Best Feature Film 2012 For much of the twentieth century the United States Department of Defense was a major producer of radioactive...
Nuclear (Nucléaire, de la mine aux déchets, tous concernés!)
France | 2013 | 3 min 28 | Film imagé Réalisateur: Wasaru | Producteur: Wasaru/Réseau sortir du nucléaire Version originale : Français Synopsis : La ligne du nucléaire; de l’extraction aux déchets.
Nuclear Hope
(Colin Scheyen, Shane Smith)
Canada | 2015 | 55 minutes | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Colin Scheyen, Shane Smith | Producteur : C. Scheyen, Jason Scheyen et S. Smith. Version originale : Anglaise | Sous-titres: français. Première mondiale...
Nuclear Lies
(Praved Krishnapilla)
Autriche / Inde | 2015 | 72 minutes | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Praved Krishnapilla / Producteur : Neongreen Réseau / Renate Brandner-Weiss / W4EST. Version originale : Allemande / anglaise (Hindi / Marathi /...
NUCLEAR NATION II (Futaba kara Toku Hanarete Dainibu)
(Atsushi Funahashi)
Japon | 2014 | 114 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Atsushi Funahashi | Producteur: Yoshiko Hashimoto Version originale : Japanese | Sous-titres: Anglais (Séléctionné pour les projections au Brésil) Synopsis :...
Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1
(Adam Jonas Horowitz)
États-Unis | 2012 | 87 min, Documentaire. Réalisateur : Adam Jonas Horowitz. Version originale : Anglaise | Sous-titres: français. Issu de documents récemment déclassifiés du gouvernement américain, ce...
Nuclear Shelter (Abrigo Nuclear)
(Roberto Pires)
Brazil, 1981, 95 min Director: Roberto Pires Production: Roberto Pires e Oscar Santana. In the future ... Due to radioactive pollution of the environment, mankind tries to survive in the underground corridors of a...
Nuclear Waste
(Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy)
Ukraine, 2012, 25 min, English subtitles Sergiy and Sveta live in Chernobyl. Sergiy is a truck-driver at a radioactive wastes utilization plant. Sveta works at a radioactive decontamination laundry. Their work and...
Nuclear Waste in My Backyard
(Irja Martens)
Alemanha, 2012, 29 min, alemão, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Três formas de tratar o tema lixo nuclear: alemães contrários ao lixo em suas terras, suíços buscando um consenso e suecos...
(Szu Ni Wen & Yichen Huang)
(Kern) Alemanha, 2013, 9 min, legendas em inglês Animação Classificação indicativa livre Reflexão artística sobre três mitos da energia nuclear. 
O Escoteiro nuclear
(Bindu Mathur)
(The Nuclear Boy Scout) Reino Unido, 2003, 24 min, inglês, legendas em português Documentário Classificação indicativa 10 A história real do adolescente David Hahn, nos EUA, que construiu um reator nuclear em...
Observação distante
(Cris Ubermann)
(Remote Viewing) França, 2012, 5 min  Videoarte, sem diálogos Classificação indicativa livre Reflexão sobre usinas nucleares, radioatividade e meio ambiente. 
Once upon a Time in the Atomic City
(Riccardo Migliore)
Brazil/Italy, 2011, 13 min, Portuguese In Pocinhos (Paraíba, Brazil), approximately fifty years ago, some unidentified US citizens began to appear frequently, leading a scientific research in anonymity. The small...
One Day
(Alex Miranda &Joana Guinle)
(Um Dia) Brazil, 2011, 16 min, Portuguese/English Subtitles Production: Trator Filmes This documentary is about the nuclear issue in Brazil and about the nuclear accident of Fukushima in Japan. Fukushima opened the...
One Day (Um Dia)
(Joana Guinle, Alex Miranda)
This documentary is about the nuclear issue in Brazil and about the nuclear accident of Fukushima in Japan. Fukushima opened the discussion about the security of Brazils nuclear power plants. Anti-Nuclear activists...
Ordinary Lives (Futu no Seikatsu)
(Taizo Yoshida)
Japon | 2012 | 80 min | Documentaire. Réalisateur: Taizo Yoshida | Producteur: Neighbors Version originale : Japanese | Sous-titres: Anglais. (Séléctionné pour les projections au Brésil) Synopsis : Comme il est...
Orphaned Sources
(Janita Top & Marij Kloosterhof)
Georgia / Netherlands, 2003, 16 min Directors: Janita Top & Marij Kloosterhof Contact: Stichting Falkor, info@falkor.org In June 2003 police in Tiblisi, Georgia (South Caucasus) seized a taxi which...
Pandora’s Promise
(Robert Stone)
2013 | 87 min | Documentaire. Réalisateur: Robert Stone | Producteur: Robert Stone Version originale : Anglais | Sous-titres:d Allemand, Français, Italian and Spanish. Synopsis : Pandora’s Promise chronicals sont...
Poison Wind
(Jenny Pond)
USA, 2007, 37 min Director: Jenny Pond, produced by Norman Patrick Brown & Jenny Pond. Advisor: Manuel Pino, Recipient of the Nuclear Free The film tells the story of a corrupt government, unconscionable...
Protecting Manuwangku
(Jason De Santolo and Isaac Parsons)
Australia | 2014 | 23 min 45 | Documentaire, Réalisateurs: Jason De Santolo and Isaac Parsons | Producteur: Fabio Cavadini Version originale : Anglais | Sous-titres : Français Synopsis : Protecting Manuwangku met...
Quietly into the Disaster
(Marcin El)
Quirra is a Radioactive Dump
(Flaviano Masella)
Italy, 2011, 21 min, English Producer: Rainews24 Latin America Premiere For years those people from Sardinia that live near the Quirra shooting range want to know the truth about about several tumours and...
Radiation Stories
(Amudhan R. P.)
Índia, 2010, 54 min, tamil, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 14 Sul da Índia, distrito de Kanyakumari: dunas artificiais de areia radioativa e uma população doente por causa da...
(Atsushi Funahashi)
Japan | 2014 | 35 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Atsushi Funahashi (Photo), Producteur: Yoshiko Hashimoto Version originale : Japanese | Sous-titres: Anglais (Séléctionné pour les projections au Brésil) Synopsis...
Radioactive Wolves
(Klaus Feichtenberger)
(Radioaktive Wölfe) Austria, 2011, 52 min, German/English Subtitle Production ORF, NDR, WNET & Epo-film Latin American Premiere 25 years after the biggest nuclear accident in history, wolves reign...
Radioactivists: Protest in Japan since Fukushima
(Julia Leser & Clarissa Seidel)
Germany/Japan, 2011, 72 min, Japanese/English, Spanish Subtitles Fukushima anti-nuclear demonstrations during May and June 2011. We have filmed at demonstrations and talked with the activists who organized them. We...
Rare Earth
(Elizabeth Knafo)
EUA, 2014, 54 min, inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 14 A prospecção de terras raras acontece em todo o mundo para abastecer celulares e computadores, mas raramente há informações sobre o alto risco...
Retratos de Nagasaki
(Roberto Fernandez)
Brasil/Argentina, 2014, 31 min, japonês, legendas em português Documentário Classificação indicativa 10 Estréia mundial 11:02 foi a hora que os EUA jogaram uma bomba de plutônio em Nagasaki. Alguns sobreviventes...
Rocky Flats: Legacy
(Scott Bison)
EUA, 2011, 23 min, inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 14 A história da Usina Nuclear de Rocky Flats nos EUA: contaminação, morte e mentiras em torno da produção de armas nucleares.
Rokkasho Rhapsody
(Hitomi Kamanaka)
Japan, 2006, 102 min, English Latin American Premiere The film sets in Rokkashomura in the northern part of Japan, where they have built a nuclear reprocessing fuel plant in 2004. This fuel reprocessing plant is for...
Rotten Rock
(Eva Lise Silva, Ligia Girão, Stela Grisotti, Walter Behr)
(Pedra Podre) Brazil, 1990, 26 min, Portuguese with English subtitles Documentary It is the first Documentary made about the Brazil's nuclear power plants, Angra 1 and Angra 2 in the Atlantic Rainforest region in...
Sacred Poison
(Yvonne Latty)
USA, 2011, 30 min, English Producer: Yvonne Latty Documentary Latin American Premiere "Sacred Poison" is a 30-minute documentary that brings viewers into the pain and devastation that uranium mining brought into...
Sardinia's Deadly Secret
(Birgit Hermes)
(Sardiniens tödliches Geheimnis) Germany, 2012, 30 min Documentary Birth deformities and deaths in paradise: Sardinia is considered storybook island with beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water. What hardly...
Scan of Death (Revista da Morte)
(Laércio Tomaz)
Brazil | 2013 | 32 min 27 | Documentaire Réalisateur: Laércio Tomaz | Producteur: Davi Lima da Silva, Guina Vieira et Laércio Tomaz. Version originale : Portuguese / Sous-titres : Anglais World Premiere (...
Sessão image film Green Cross International, 20th Anniversary
2013, 1 min Animação, sem diálogos Classificação indicativa livre Vinheta comemorativa dos 20 anos do Green Cross. 
Seven Years of Winter
(Marcus Schwenzel)
Germany/Denmark/Ukraine | 2011/12 | 21 min 52 | Fiction. Réalisateur: Marcus Schwenzel Producteur: Hans Henrik Laier et Marcus Schwenzel. Version originale : Russian | Sous-titres : Anglais Synopsis : Âgé de...
Slouching Towards Yucca Mountain
(Eve-Andrée Laramée)
USA, 2011, 17 min, English subtitles Experimental Twelve fictional time-travelers explore the post-atomic age American West, when they discovered the abandoned tunnels beneath Yucca Mountain Radioactive Waste...
Small Object (Pequeno Objeto A)
(Daniel Abib)
Brazil | 2014 | 16 min | Video Art. Réalisateur: Daniel Abib | Producteur: Daniel Abib. Version originale : Portuguese | Sous-titres : Français Première mondiale Synopsis : Un court métrage sur une fille, un...
(Céline Troillet)
França, 2011, 5 min Musical, sem diálogos Classificação indicativa livre Performance da prece “Ave Maria” em japonês. Com a reflexão de fundo sobre o uso da energia nuclear. 
Space Dust
(Sávio Leite)
Brazil, 2011, 2 min Animation Production: Leite Filmes An intimate immensity.
Stop Castor
(Sylvain Darou)
(Der zehnte Castor-Transport nach Gorleben) Germany, 2007, 43 min Protests against Nuclear Waste Transports in Germany: Nowhere on earth has the nuclear industry found a safe way to keep waste that will remain...
Surviving Nagasaki
(Javier Douglas)
UK England | 3 min 16 | 2008 | Documentaire. Réalisateur: Javier Douglas | Producteur: Javier Douglas Version originale : Anglais | Sous-titres: N/A Synopsis : La Seconde Guerre mondiale. En tant que jeune...
(Sam Price-Waldman)
USA, 2012, 12 min, English Documentary Just outside Grants, New Mexico, is a 200-acre heap of toxic uranium waste, known as tailings. After 30 years of failed cleanup, the waste has deeply contaminated the air and...
(Sharofat Arabova)
Tajikistan | 2014 | 73 min | Romance. Réalisateur: Sharofat Arabova | Producteur: Vard Simo, Original Languade Tajik | Sous-titres : Français and Anglais Synopsis : Il y a plus de 50 ans, dans un ensemble...
The Atomic States of America
(Don Argott & Sheena Joyce)
USA, 2011, 92 min, English In 2010, the United States announced the first new nuclear power plant construction in over 32 years. The "Nuclear Renaissance" was born, and American's long stared expasion of nuclear...
The Battle of Chernobyl (La Bataille de Tchernobyl)
(Thomas Johnson)
France | 2006 | 94 min | Documentaire, Réalisateur: Thomas Johnson | Producteur: Hind Saïh, Version originale : Russian | Sous-titres: Anglais / Français Synopsis : Le 26 avril 1986, une flamme de 1 000...
The Cloud Has Passed over Us
(Yasar Arif Karagülle)
(Üstümüzden Geçti Bulut) Turquia, 2012, 15 min, legendas em inglês Ficção Classificação indicativa 12 Jovem turco é afetado pelo acidente de Chernobyl. 
The Eighth Commandment
(Bertram Verhaag & Claus Strigel)
Germany, 1986, 95 min, German Production: Denkmal-Film GmbH Latin American Premiere Film documents from the past five decades prove that the use of nuclear energy – whether for peaceful or for military purposes –...
The Evil of the Mine
(Mafalda Gameiro)
Portugal, 2011, 29 min, Portuguese Production: Radio Television Portugal - RTP Premiere Latin America A TV report about Urgeiriça, the last uranium mine in Portugal. It shows the health porblems of the population...
The Four Corners: A National Sacrifice Area?
(Christopher McLeod)
USA, 1983, 58 min, English Production: Sacred Land Film Project The Four Corners: A National Sacrifice Area? Examines the cultural and environmental impasse of energy development in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and...
The Horses of Fukushima
(Yojyu Matsubayashi)
Japão, 2013, 64 min, japonês, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 16 A tradição milenar de criação de cavalos na região de Fukushima está em risco por causa do acidente nuclear. Debate...
The Land of Fires
(Silvia Luzi et Luca Bellino)
Italy | 2014 | 52 min | Documentaire. Réalisateurs: Silvia Luzi et Luca Bellino | Producteur: Press TV. Version originale : Italian | Sous-titres: Anglais. Vidéo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14vUJbXB3jk...
The Last Flower
(Sima Baghery)
Iran, 2013, 6 min, without dialog Animated fiction Special Achievement Award 2013 A world war had been destroyed the entire civilization. Everybody is wondering around lost, neglecting each other. Until one day a...
The Myth of Nuclear Deterrence
(Erik Choquette)
EUA, 2010, 6 min, inglês Animação Classificação indicativa 12 Sobre o mito da segurança dada pelas bombas nucleares. 
The Nightmare Is Blue
(Angelo Lima)
(O Pesadelo é Azul) Brazil, 2008, 24 min, Portuguese/German, English subtitles In 1987 in Goiânia took place one of the biggest radioactive accidents of the world. Twenty years later the survivers are telling what...
The Nuclear Family
(Angela How)
USA/Singapore, 2010, 2 min, English Production: Angela How, Morgan Faye Fiction Latin American Premiere A family sits down to a delicous dinner ... or do they? The "Nuclear" Family is a short commercial spec...
The Nuclear Waste Ship History
(История ядерного судна) Russia, 2003-2004, 18 min Director: group of authors of Bellona-Murmansk, contact: www.bellona.org This film tells about the most dangerous ship in the Northern Europe called...
The Plan (?)
(Susan Rubin, Andrea Garbarini)
États-Unis| 2014 | 6 min 32 | Documentaire Réalisateur: Susan Rubin, Andrea Garbarini | Producteur: Susan Rubin and Andrea Garbarini Version originale : Anglais Synopsis : Un court métrage portant sur l’absurdité...
The Race for Uranium
(Patrick Forestier)
França, 2009, 52 min, inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Patrick Forestier é diretor de filmes para a TV francesa Canal Plus, investigou minas de urânio no Congo e Niger e denunciou o tráfico...
The Radiating Future of Brazil
(Ralph Weihermann & Susanne Friess)
Germany, 2011, 43 min Director Ralph Weihermann & Susanne Friess www.kigali-films.de Radiating Future is the first documentary about the uranium mine Caetité in the Northeast of Brazil in Bahia. Mining started...
The Radioactive Thing (La cosa radiactiva)
(Sergio Galán and Alejandro Perez)
Spain | 30 min | 2013 | Documentaire | Réalisateurs: Sergio Galán and Alejandro Perez Version originale : Spanish | Sous-titres : Anglais / Français Synopsis : La Cosa radiactiva est un «road trip» d’...
The Red Button (Czerwony Guzik)
(Ewa Pieta, Miroslaw Grubek)
Poland/USA, 2011, 52 min, Russian, English subtitles Production: Miroslaw Grubek, Slawomir Grunberg Documentary Yellow Oscar Nomination The Red Button is a 52-minute documentary film that tells the dramatic story...
The Return of Navajo Boy
(Jeff Spitz)
États-Unis | 2000-2008 | 57 minutes | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Jeff Spitz | Producteur : Jeff Spitz et Bennie Klain. Version originale : Anglaise | Sous-titres: français. Le film raconte une chaîne d’...
The Return of Navajo Boy - Epilogue
(Jeff Spitz)
USA, 2008, 15 min, English A powerful new epilogue (produced in 2008) shows how the film and Groundswell Educational Films' outreach campaign create news and rally supporters including Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA...
The River That Harms
(Colleen Keane)
USA, 45 min Director's Comments after the film This illuminating film documents the largest radioactive waste spill in U.S. history - a national tragedy that received little attention. With the sound of a...
The Secret and the Sacred. Two Worlds at Los Alamos.
(Claus Biegert)
(Los Alamos. Und die Erben der Bombe.) Germany, 2003, 45 min, English Production: Denkmal-Film / Hessischer Rundfunk / arte Latin American Premiere Hidden in the mountains of Northern New Mexico lies the...
The Speech of the Chief
(Norbert G. Suchanek)
Brésil | 2015 | 5 minutes | Documentaire. Réalisateurs et Producteurs : Marcia Gomes, Oliveira et Norbert G. Suchanek. Version originale : Portugaise | Sous-titres: anglais.  La plupart des gens pensent...
The Third Nuclear Bomb, The Veteran's Accusation
(Maurizio Torrealta)
(La Terza Bomba Nucleare, Le Accuse del Veterano) Italy, 2008, 26 min, English Production: Rainews24 / Radio Televisione Italiana Latin American Premiere In the investigative report, an American veteran who...
The Ultimate Wish: Ending the Nuclear Age
(Robert Richter)
USA, 2012,40 min, English/Japanese/French, English subtitles  Co-production Kathleen Sullivan Documentary Moving, unforgettable living witnesses who survived two of the world's most momentous radiation...
The University of Nuclear Bombs
(Mohamed Elsawi & Joshua King Ortis)
EUA, 2010, 55 min, inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Desde o começo da Era Atômica a Universidade da Califórnia está à frente do complexo industrial de produção de bombas atômicas. O filme questiona o...
The Uranium Mountain
(Dror Zahav)
(Der Uranberg)  Germany, 2010, 89 min, German Contact: www.saxonia-media.de The world in 1947: The Cold War has begun. The nuclear arms race between USAmerica and Russia becomes a threat to mankind. The...
The Wolverine: The Fight of the James Bay Cree
(Ernest Webb)
Canada | 2014 | 10 minutes | Documentaire. Directeur : Ernest Webb. Version originale : Anglaise | Sous-titres: français. Synopsis : Une ancienne légende devient un emblème de la lutte de la nation crie contre...
The world must stand together
États-Unis | 2013 | 2 min | Film imagé Producteur : Global Zero, www.globalzero.org Synopsis: In 2009, President Obama called for the world to face our most urgent threat. These are his words. A film with...
Till Death Us Do Part
(Elektra Macleod)
Australie | 2014 | 4 minutes 35 | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Elektra Macleod | Producteur : Elektra Macleod. Version originale : Anglaise. Synopsis : C’est un court métrage à propos de la décision de mon...
Time bombs
(Guylaine Maroist)
Canada | 2008 | 46 minutes | Documentaire. Réalisateurs : Guylaine Maroist, Éric Ruel | Producteurs : Guylaine Maroist, Éric Ruel. Version originale : Française. Synopsis : Au printemps 1957, 40 jeunes soldats...
To Dig Or Not to Dig: The Battle for Greenland
(Espen Rasmussen)
Noruega, 2013, 8min, dinamarquês e norueguês, legendas em inglês Classificação indicativa 10 https://vimeo.com/78088219
To Whom It May Concern
(Galina Laskova-Sanderson)
Belarus, 1990, 26 min, English Latin American Premiere "To Whom It May Concern" is a record of broken people's lives in Belarus five years after the Chernobyl power plant explosion. It shows the plight of children...
Tokyo's Belly
(Reinhild Dettmer-Finke)
(Der Bauch von Tokyo) Germany, 2013, 70 min, English subtitles Producer: Defi-Filmproduktion World Premiere A film guide to understanding Japan – before and after the atomic catastrophe of Fukushima. I lived...
Toxic Neglect
(Moushumi Basu)
India, 2011, 9 min, English Latin American Premiere Located on the ancestral lands of the Santhal, Munda and Ho Peoples in Jharkhand, India, Jadugoda is home to almost all of India's Uranium reserves. Moushumi Basu...
(Igor Andreevski)
Macédoine / Pays-Bas | 2010 | 1 min | Video Art. Réalisateur : Igor Andreevski | Producteur : Igor Andreevski. Version originale : Anglaise. Synopsis : À propos des célèbres mots du Dr Openheimer, le père de...
U 4 Uranium?
(Astral Jester)
Australia, 2011, 72 min, English U4 Uranium? is an independent feature-length documentary about uranium and nuclear power. The film exposes the true face of the nuclear industry and asks the question: Are you for or...
U: A Story about Uranium And Us
(Shawn Arscott & Darlene Buckingham)
Canadá, 2008, 39 min, inglês Classificação indicativa 14 Uma história real sobre os riscos da indústria nuclear e do urânio. 
U: Uranium
(Sarah del Seronde)
USA, 2010, 11 min Executive Productions: First Nations Development Institute, Seventh Generation Fund, Western Action Mining Network, Navajo Waters Documentary The waters and health of Native and non-Native...
Under Control
(Volker Sattel)
(Unter Kontrolle) Germany, 2011, 98 min, English subtitles Production: Susan Schimk e Joerg Trentmann Special Achievement Award 2013 The film unfolds a panorama of atomic energy in Germany. Its broad perspective...
Under the Surface
(Klara Sager)
(Om bergen faller sönder) Sweden, 2011, 35 min Director and Producer: Klara Sager Under the Surface (Om bergen faller sönder) is a documentary about uranium exploration in the north of Sweden. Barbro owns the local...
(Magnus Isacsson)
Canada | 1990 | 48 minutes | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Magnus Isacsson (1948 - 2012). Producteur : Office national du film du Canada. Version originale : Anglaise. Synopsis : Ce film expose les problèmes ...
Uranium - is it a country? Tracking the origins of nuclear power
(Kerstin Schnatz, Isabel Huber, Stephanie Auth)
Germany/Australia 2008, 53 min, English/Portuguese subtittle Latin American Premiere Where does nuclear energy come from? This documentary takes a look at the footprints of nuclear energy. The Olympic Dam uranium...
Uranium - To Die For
(Shanny Haziza)
(Hazman Hatzahov) Israel, 2012, 54 min, English subtitles Production Sasha Klein Production  World Premiere, Rio 2013 With unparalleled bravery, journalist Shanny Hazzia goes behind the scenes of one of the...
Uranium 238: The Pentagon's Dirty Pool
(Pablo Ortega)
(Uranio 238: La Bomba Sucia del Pentágono) Costa Rica, 2009, 28 min, English, Spanish subtitles Producer Isabel Macdonald and San José Quaker Peace Center Documentary Uranium 238 depicts the hazards that the use...
Uranium And Us (l’Uranium et Nous)
(Abdoul Moumouni BAKABE)
Niger | 2013 | 52 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Abdoul Moumouni BAKABE | Producteur: Intermedia/EIRENE (programme Genovico) Version originale : Français / Sous-titres: Anglais Première mondiale Synopsis : Le...
Uranium City: Life After The Mine
(Daniel Hayduk)
Canada, 2008, 7 min, English Latin America Premiere Eight thousand people once lived in and around Uranium City, Sask., in the northwest corner of the province. Founded as a tent outpost in the early 1950s when...
Uranium Decay
(Eve-Andrée Laramée)
USA, 2006, 6 min, English Animation World Premiere The 4.47 Billion year uranium decay cycle is superimposed on footage from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant triple meltdown, IAEA news footage, and...
Uranium Drive In
(Michelle Maughan & Suzan Beraza)
USA, 2012, 70 min Production: Reelthing The promise of jobs from a proposed uranium mill has an economically devastated mining community in Colorado hopeful for the first time in decades. When environmentalists step...
Uranium Mining - Not in Nisa
(Norbert G. Suchanek)
(Urânio em Nisa Não) Brazil / Germany, 2012, 35 min, Portuguese Production: Marcia Gomes Latin America Premiere Portugal has 100 Year long history of Uranium Mining. Also Uranium of Portugal was used to make the...
Uranium Project
(Alan Gard & Stefania Prandi)
Italy, 2011, 43 min, Italian/English subtitles Between the Seriana and the Vedello Valleys, in the area between Bergamo and Sondrio, lies the biggest uranium deposit in Italy and in all Europa. As it was discovered,...
Uranium Road
(Theo Antonio)
South Africa, 2007, 52 min Director: Theo Antonio Producer: Jenny Hunter Uranium Road is a penetrating documentary which rips the veil of secrecy from both the past and present South African nuclear programmes,...
Uranium Thirst
(Norbert G. Suchanek & Marcia Gomes de Oliveira)
Brazil, 2010, 27 min, English with German subtitles This documentary is about uranium mining and uranium prospecting in Namibia and its effects on the local population, environment and the scarce water resources of...
(Dominique Hennequin)
France | 52 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Dominique Hennequin / Producteur: Nomades TV Français and Anglais Synopsis : Une enquête choquante dans les mines d’uranium en Afrique. Nous visitons trois zones...
Uranium: The Navajo Nuclear Legacy
(Doug Brugge)
EUA, 1997, 12 min, inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 A mineração de urânio no território Navajo. 
Wake Up
(David Bradbury)
Austrália, 2011, 12 min, inglê Documentários Classificação indicativa 12 Mineração de urânio na Austrália: tudo o que 14 - 25 maio 2014 Museu de Arte Moderna International Uranium Film Festival 4ª edição do Urânio...
Wake Up
(David Bradbury)
Australia, 2011, 12 min, Englisch Dokumentarfilm Produktion Frontline Films Uranabbau und Atomindustrie in Australien, Sandstürme mit radioaktivem Staub. WAKE UP mit dem australischem Filmstar Tony Barry als...
War And Peace
(Amir Tajik)
Iran | 2012 | 26 min | Documentaire. Réalisateur: Amir Tajik | Producteur: Press TV Version originale : Persian / Anglais | Sous-titres: Anglais. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjsiMBu6CH0 Synopsis : Ce...
War's Dust - Uranium Beirut
(Flaviano Masella, Angelo Saso & Maurizio Torrealta)
(Polveri di guerra. Uranio a Beirut) Italy, 2007, 23 min, English Production Rainews24 Special Achievement Award 2013 Enriched uranium has been found in the fuel filter of an ambulance in Beirut. Uranium has...
Warm – Glow
(Marina Belobrovaja)
Suíça, 2013, 50 min, alemão, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 12 Turismo em Chernobyl: organizado pela agência de viagens Kuoni Travel, um grupo de turistas visita a zona radioativa....
Waste, The Nuclear Nightmare (Déchets, le cauchemar du nucléaire)
(Éric Guéret)
France | 2009 | 98 min | Documentaire Réalisateur: Éric Guéret | Producteur: Arte France and Bonne Pioche. Version originale : Français, German, Anglais and Russian | Versions Français and German | Sous-titres:...
Welcome to Fukushima
(Alain de Halleux)
Belgique | 2013 | 59 minutes 33 | Documentaire. Réalisateur : Alain de Halleux | Producteur : Simple production - Kathleen de Béthune. Version originale : Japonais / français | Sous-titres: français. Synopsis...
When The Dust Settles
UK, 2011, 7 min Director: Campaign Against Depleted Uranium e IKP PAX Christi Suitable for audiences 16 years and over Not part of the Competition Film on the impact of depleted uranium weapons, the current...
When The Dust Settles
(David Bradbury)
Australia, 2010, 35 min, English Documentary The film combines comedy and serious content to explain the dangers of uranium mining, the nuclear fuel cycle and the use of depleted nuclear materials – much of which...
Women of Fukushima
(Paul Johanessen)
Japan, 2012, 27 min, English subtitles Kugi Productions Documentary Six Japanese women offer brutally honest views on the state of the clean-up, the cover-ups and untruths since the nuclear accident in Fukushima,...
Wyhl? Never – Resisting Against the Nuclear Power Plant Near the Kaiserstuhl
(Goggo Gensch)
Alemanha, 2013, 44 min, alemão, legendas em inglês Documentário Classificação indicativa 14 Julho 1973. Através do rádio a população da vila Wyhl é informada sobre a construção de uma usina nuclear. O povo, em...
Yellow Cake - The Dirt Behind Uranium
(Joachim Tschirner)
Allemagne | 2010-2014 | 35 minutes (version courte) | Documentaire. Directeur : Joachim Tschirner. Version originale : Anglaise. Il s’agit d’une nouvelle version courte du long métrage documentaire «Yellow...
Yellow Fever
(Sophie Rousmaniere)
EUA, 2013, 56 min, inglês Classificação indicativa 12 Documentário sobre o boom da mineração de urânio no território Navajo, os prós e contras e o debate sobre energia nuclear nesta região.
(Brock Williams)
USA, 2009, 10 min Production: Boxcar Films From Exploration to fuel production, this documentary relates the contamination, water consumption, waste generation, costs to the American taxpayer through government...
Yuri's Omen
(Jordi Montornés)
Spain, 2012, 14 min, English subtitles Fiction Premiere in Germany 25 years passed since the disaster in Chernobyl. Since then, the exclusion zone stays closed to the outer world, uninhabited except for a...
(Edward Saint Pe’)
EUA, 2010, 27 min, inglês Ficção Classificação indicativa 14 Inverno de 1943. O capitão do submarino alemão U 222, que transporta 10 toneladas de urânio para o Japão criar uma bomba atômica, não gosta desta ideia....