9 Years Uranium Film Festival

Do not forget Chernobyl

40 Years Three Mile Island, 33 Years Chernobyl, 8 Years Fukshima, 9 Years Uranium Film Festival: What we have achieved so far

Over the past nine years we have successfully organized more than 60 Uranium Film Festivals in nine countries around the world. We showed far more than 250 films about nuclear power, atomic weapons, uranium mining, nuclear waste, depleted uranium weapons and radioactive risks in about 40 cities in cinemas, cultural centers and universities. The festival not only took place annually in Rio de Janeiro, but was also already in New Delhi, six times in Berlin, it was in New York, in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Joao Pessoa, Goias, Fortaleza, Florianopolis, Washington, Window Rock, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Hollywood, Lisbon, Porto, Nisa, in Munich, Passau, Bamberg and Wunsiedel, Ramallah, Amman, two times in Hyderabad, two times in Mumbai, Manipal, Shillong, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Tatanagar, Thrissur,  it was in Quebec and Montreal, ….  (Photo shows Berlin International Uranium Film Festival 2017 opening, Cinema Kulturbrauerei)

On average, we organized 12 screenings per venue in cinemas or movie theaters with 50 to over 200 seats. Of course, not every film screening and film discussion was well attended. Sometimes, as in the beginning in the alternative Berlin Kreuzberg cinemas, sometimes only the "hard core" showed up. On the other hand, we also had full houses, for example 2016 in the wonderfull Charlie Chaplin film theatre of the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood or as recently 2017 in Berlin in the cinema in the Kulturbrauerei. Across all countries and cities, we had at least 40 visitors per show: that's about 40,000 spectators. In addition countless hundreds of thousands and millions of people indirectly participated in the festival through TV contributions, newspaper reports and Internet distribution and learned about the films and their contents. (Photo shows a special screening in the Vidyaranya School in Hyderabad.)

Every year the Uranium Film Festival awards the best films with its trophy, which is a signifikant support to the filmmakers. Thanks to the Uranium Film Festival, atomic films such as "High Power" by Pradeep Indulkar from India have not only got a large audience worldwide. In fact until we screened and awarded it in Rio da Janeiro in 2013 „High Power“ was not allowed to be shown in India. Thanks to the festival award India's censorship authority lifted the ban. Another movie, „Final Picture“ by young German director Michael von Hohenberg, received the Uranium Film Festival´s Trophy in 2014. Now „Final Picture“ has conquered Hollywood and receives one award after another. Just two examples of many others. 

2015 the festival was hosted by the Cree nation in Quebec: "We were honoured to host the International Uranium Film Festival in Quebec", wrote the Grand Chief of the Crees Matthew Coon Come in a letter to the Co-Founder and General Director of the Uranium Film Festival, Norbert G. Suchanek. "The Grand Council of the Crees greatly appreciates and respects your hard work and creative vision, as well as the support you have shown for the Cree Nation’s fight against uranium mining."  (Photo shows the Grand Chief at the Uranium Film Festival opening ceremony in Quebec city.)

Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come at Uranium Film Festival Quebec

"I witnessed the emergence of the Uranium Film Festival. The Uranium Film Festival makes a big contribution against forgetting. It is very important that the atomic age ends. We humans started it. That's why it's up to us all to finish it. And the how is the big question. But the Uranium Film Festival helps us with that.“ Claus Biegert, founder of the Nuclear-Free Future Award

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